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While I subscribe to a belief in Divinity, Deity, God, or Supreme Source. I didn't exactly want to dedicate this site to a Judeo-Christian dogma. This would be a Helios Unbounded portal. You pick the source whatever that might be for you.

Helios can be a confusing terminology. Greek in origin much can be said about the Homeric Hymn to Helio, the Greek sun god driving a horse-drawn chariot across the sky.

In Golden Dawn Magic you have Helios Vel the practice of paying attention to four positions of the sun throughout the day. Obviously a bit more to that, but you can research that on your own time. Thelemic Magic had Liber Resh Vel Helios which essentially is the same thing. Simply acknowledging the energy in the four directions keeps your mind engaged in the magical current. The peak times are at sunrise or sunset. The change in energy is clearly evident and extreme. But at the same time a lot can be said about polarity, electrical current.

Correlations and Correspondences

Sulfur (Soul), Mercury (Spirit) and Salt (body) are the alchemical primes. Sulfur is expansive force evaporation and dissolution. Mercury is the transcend spirit of life and salt is the base matter. These are the philosophical building blocks to help mind, body, spirit transcend to higher states. The tools in the digital world parallel nicely.

Animism in the digital world

In ancient times the concept of animism has followed the belief that things, from inanimate objects to landforms, have spirits residing inside of them. These examples include god of mountain, and god of river etc..

Eastern cultures have long believed that god dwells within each and everything, and furthermore believed that gods could curse those who perform acts of malice or transgression. You could also think of it like Star Wars. The force exists in everything. However this could lead to a split perspective and advocate polytheistic logy. Sure why not. Or it could be the ever pervasive spirit that has its essence on everything. "Like a phrase from one, comes all things".

There are scientific prospects in the field of object-oriented ontology that opposes the idea of privilege human existence over the existence of non-human objects known as Kantian anthropocentric ontology. I believe you can find additional research under Graham Harman. So there may be a neutrality hypothesis of considering a relationship between a human being and and object to be the same as that between two or more objects.

The most significant difference between object-oriented ontology and animism is whether objects are accessible by human beings or not. Sure this is a simplistic view and a matter of perspective lots of schools of thought have tackled the viewpoints.

Jean Piaget a Swiss psychologist postulated animism in mental stages of development. Ages 4-5 believe that almost every-thing is alive has has purpose. Those perspectives change as you get older until animism doesn't exist. This is a logical perspective. It is also a boring perspective. What is life without a little mystery and a little imagination.

Non verbal communication however can provide different results in perspective. As sound passes through and or around objects creates a different energetic pattern that can be measured.

Information sources that produce a sequence of messages to communicate to a receiving transmitter that operates on the message via wires, cable, radio frequencies or even a beam of light. An inverse operation reconstructs and compiles the message from initial signal.

So while animism evolved from primitive religion and there still exists a division between human beings (or animals) and non-animate objects (rocks, plants and rivers). The noise generated resulting from the communication between objects namely digital technologies is vastly more complex than initially determined. There is more to this stuff even at its lowest vibrating particle that wiggles and vibrates.

The Medium

From Bulletin boards to vastly interconnected mesh of the World Wide Web, we have for lack of a better word "The Cyberspace". The grid, The Matrix or anything that could pseudo depict a 3 dimensional physical and logical representation computer systems networked together by address space, loosely cloaked with hex address, avatars, and endless symbol of pseudo self-being reworked over and over.

Games are the driving force. Through games you can reach interesting portals with symbols taken from the analog world and digitally remastered. Creative writers have refactored occult philosophy making it popular again in the latest games for mass market.

This all started with text based games that had a great story, and by adding an IRC channel for communication of a shared experience you have a collective of intersted people. This eventually morphed into 3D Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). With these games you can live out multiple fantasies. You can visit multiple temples and conduct rituals and have shared experiences where the laws of physics do not apply. With VR you can fully immerse yourself for a more realistic experience. Virtual reality was originally developed not to simulate real or imagined world but to involve more of our bodies into the new world thus eliminating the need for a keyboard, joystick or controller.

The initial costs of VR equipment for a high grade of experience can be extremely expensive. But the costs are dropping. Mixed reality coupled with augmented technology allows for a blended space to combine virtual world with physical world in a much more economical way.

You can do a lot of magic in the astral plane but you do run into limitations. Magic should be grounded at some physical place. Its simply more potent. I don't really know why. Perhaps its the rituals aspects of flapping your arms and or walking in circles to create a generative force. Something about the warmth of a flame or the smell of smoke. While everything can be done in the mind. We generally lack discipline that a theatrical experience provides naturally.

It seems cyberspace can bridge this gap. Where you lack the physical tools for a temple to conduct a ritual. You can build the 2D temple, light the physical candles for warmth, light the incense for smell, play the audio file for the key sounds, and move the characters into the proper positions. Strike the sword, evoke, invoke, perform, banish and license to depart. You have blended the world. If you do this in 3D its even better. With VR equipment you take it to the next level. But again you don't need the VR equipment. We just happen to be at a time where its potentially possible to immerse yourself into a fantastical world for a deeply moving experience with plenty of examples from some of the latest games to building something custom with 3D environments like "Second Life".

You can also build your own private environment using open source tools like Blender.

A skilled magician can leverage or interact with technology in such a way to bring about the necessary change required for the outcome of manifested results. They can do it using electro alchemical magic blended in both a digital/physical conceptual space.


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