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CE5 Protocols

Close Encounter -5. I don't want to get bogged down in history but I did find this to be relevant to a certain extent so I thought perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to post some of this information.

Contact is real Alien or Spiritual who knows. I will share more of my experiences in due time.

According to DR Greer's expereicne and you can find a lot of this stuff online. Wikipedia links and other websites.

Three Key Elements are requried

  1. Connection to One Mind Consciousness
  2. A Sincere Heart
  3. Clear Intention

One Mind

The first step is to be aware of your own consciousness and spread it out before you. The goal is to join with everyone's consciousness to form a group consciousness. This consciousness includes nature, people, houses, homes everything.

Obviously not so simple at first.

Helps to do this with a sincere, clean heart. But I will get to that part in a moment.

Once you believe you are connected to a bigger consciousnes or group consciousness, you then detach yourself from you individual consciousness. See yourself external. Name yourself from another view point. You are working to be the greater consciousness beyond the individual.

Expand the boundary of yourself to envelop the universe. To envelope the earth as a whole and to blanket the universe. You are now the Universe.

Visualize new stars being born and old stars dying.

Eliminate states of time. You are now part of all states and connected to everything visible and invisible.

You are the integral part of the whole. You are a part of the source, cosmos, universe, creator

All of this requires practice. Every attempt will make it easier the next time. The further you go something reaches back to help carry you forward

Sincere Heart

Approach all of this with love. So much easier. You have nothing to prove. Just let go and be genuine.

Clear Intention

Here is an itemized list to start with and it will change as you experence more.

Why are you doing this?

Its helpful to clarify something before you start. YOu can also have several intentions running at the same time

If you do this in a group setting. Its helpful to set intentinos the night before. Go around and ask people to share unique intentions. Also helpful to ge a gropu intention that everyone can agree on.


Good vibrations are the key. Be positive, playful and cheerful. Be aware of your body, and mood.

Be thankful and helpful. Relaxtion changes state, Getting sleepy increases thea brain-wave states. Group meditation is helpuful. Increasing the vibration helps to influence the group increasing group vibration inproves planetary consciousness. Its all connected.

Coherence and Cohesion

Coherence involes shared and common values, of intention and goals.

When everyone is on the same page and no mixed messages. External contact increases due to an elevated frequency.

Cohesion is where the group functions as a single unit. So if you operate as a single group the frequency is easier to pick out and isolate.

Steps to improve coherence and cohesion

Teamwork activities

Divide labour

Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons are forbidden.

Believing is seeing

Physical proof makes all the difference. However you must change the reality in yourself in order to have a greater impact. Ones level of belief is different from another

Helpful thoughts:


For an outdoor activity where the focus is communion and raised vibration. Plenty of technology exists.

Here is a list

Internal Communication

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